For sale: Toyota Yaris, somewhat worn

I don’t want to be a racecar owner anymore. It takes too much time and effort. My knees hurt. My back hurts. Thinking about repairs, maintenance, and upgrades makes my brain hurt. I love driving cars, but I don’t love working on them. So I’m selling my Yaris. A few years ago it looked like this.

It’s been through quite a bit since then, and now looks more like this.

Here are some details about the car.

  • Fastest Lap Times
    • 3:34 Thunderhill 5 mile double-bypass (595 RS-RR)
    • 2:20 Thunderhill 3 mile (RS-4/RS-Pro)
    • 1:34 Thunderhill West (RS-4)
    • 1:57 Laguna Seca (595 RE-71R)
    • 2:24 Buttonwillow CW#1 (ECS)
  •  Safety
    • Evil Genius roll cage
    • Fire system
    • JAWS light
    • Corbeau FX4 driver seat with adjustable seat rails
    • FIA harnesses with 2 years left
    • Adjustable seat brace
    • Corbeau Sprint passenger seat with fixed mount
    • NRG v3 quick release steering wheel
    • DIY cold box
    • Log books for ChampCar, Lucky Dog, NASA, and SCCA
  • Performance
    • ~25 hours on JDM engine (clutch also replaced), burns 4 gallons per hour
    • Bilstein B14 suspension with solid top mounts
    • Corolla brakes (larger, more choice of pads)
    • 15×8 wheels (2 with RT660, 5 need new rubber)
    • Even more wheels and tires (17×7, 16×6, 15×6)
    • 2 sets of doors
    • Wing and splitter
  • Other Stuff
    • Ultraguage
    • Radios
    • Cameras
    • Fuel cans
    • Lots of spare parts
    • CA non-op but smog legal with BSPEC license plates
    • Some telemetry gizmos maybe

6 thoughts on “For sale: Toyota Yaris, somewhat worn

  1. You know, that’s why i bought a spec racer. Only track days so that’s a total bummer (no Lemons / etc), but almost zero maintenance. And i have a race shop really near by that specializes in them so that makes it even easier…

    But i hear you, you’ve kinda got to want to do all the other stuff because its like 80% of the work…


  2. You could start your own Used Race Car website: “You Suck but it ain’t the car’s fault” gently abused Money Pits for Sale or Trade dot com


  3. I think you should update the no brakes drill lap times. 1:03.x is expert level but I’m able to get 1:02.8x . I think there is still room for improvement because I use G29.


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