Car Honey

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw that Thunderhill posted a video comparing 3 Porsches at their track. The link landed me on a YouTube video from Car Honey.

Who is Car Honey? The channel started in November 2022, and has nearly 1000 subscribers. So, really new. The cars they have reviewed include: Porsche 922 Targa GTS, Ferrari 488 Spider, Porsche Taycan 4s, BMW ix M60, Porsche 718 GT4, Porsche GT4 RS, and Porsche 992 GT3. The hosts are 2 rich white guys who look to be in their 30s.

Who should watch Car Honey? Here’s how they describe themselves. “For car enthusiasts, nerds, and dreamers! If you want real, honest feedback and details (and less opinions and fluff) on the best cars on the street and the track then SUBSCRIBE for ongoing content!”

Can they drive? No, but that doesn’t stop them from making comments like “you can absolutely thrash this car in the dry” and “I’m just reaming these tires”. When 300TW tires make no sound, you are not “reaming” anything but your imagination. Also, lap times or it didn’t happen.

Will they thrive? Do we need another YouTube channel where a couple of rich white guys with mediocre driving skills give their opinions on expensive cars? Sure, why not. It fits right in with current car culture, which appears to have these priorities.

  1. Showing cars
  2. Modifying cars
  3. Showing modified cars
  4. Driving cars to a coffee shops
  5. Illegal street racing
  6. Autocross
  7. Track driving

Given that Car Honey did their test at an actual race track, they are at the pointy end of car culture. Not many car enthusiasts ever drive their cars on track, much less rent a whole track for their own private testing. These guys are probably a great barometer for the rich, track-inspired enthusiast. For people who buy or dream of buying $100K+ sportscars, the content is probably useful. I mean, if I was an unskilled, rich guy, I’d want to know this about my car:

And at no point am I uncomfortable: the nannies take care of everything. The car is so balanced that when you slide it doesn’t matter.

I’ll be checking back with Car Honey from time to time. It’s interesting to know how the other half (of a percent) live.

One thought on “Car Honey

  1. These kind of channels are financed by automakers. I would like to see channel in which hosts will test cars for g-forces, stopping distance, accelerations, fueal consumption, overheat, balance etc. (there is one channel testing cars in moose test and some results are very suprising).


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