Last week we introduced the Taxonomy of Suckage with LTO (lift throttle oversteer). Suddenly decelerating mid-corner is not a good idea. In that same vein, here’s an even worse idea: releasing the clutch mid-corner. Around here we call that down-shitting (DST). The brakes are for slowing, the engine is for going. Intentionally using the clutch & engine to decelerate is a bad habit. You can get away with it on the street, but on the track it ruins your brake bias. So you actually end up increasing your braking distance when you mix the brake and clutch pedals. In addition, in a rear wheel drive vehicle, down-shitting may lock your rear wheels and cause you to spin even when you’re driving in a straight line. While heel-toe shifting helps minimize down-shitting, you don’t need to match revs to prevent DST. Just do your gear changes at the very end of the brake zone.

Oh for crying out loud, auto racing is ridiculously dangerous. The least you could do is drive with both hands on the wheel! One-handed driving (OHD) has no place on track. If you’re going to play at racing cars, learn to drive (LTD).

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