An experienced driver knows that going two wheels off (TWO) is not a big deal. Sometimes you come in too hot and run out of track. Open the wheel, reduce the Gs, do a little dirt-tracking, and then return gently to the track. Inexperienced drivers have a tendency to maintain steering lock and this causes them to spin when they drop 2 wheels. Alternatively, they may steer too aggressively when trying to return to the asphalt. In the following clip, the blue car doesn’t do a very good job of handling their TWO situation.

The POV (point of view) car doesn’t do a great job of handling the situation either. He got caught in a classic dope-a-dope (DAD). A rope-a-dope is suckering someone into a false sense of security. A dope-a-dope is suckering yourself into a false sense of security. When a car goes off track or spins in front of you, don’t expect the best, expect the worst. If the ass idiot in front of you misses every apex, you know they suck at racing. When they drop 2 wheels, you know they’re going to mess it up. Right?

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