The single most common type of incident among amateur racers is when one car tries to pass another on the inside of a corner. Amateur races often feature cars & drivers of vastly differing speeds. A fast car approaching a slow car in a corner has two options: pass or don’t pass. Don’t. If the slow driver gives room, the faster car can get through safely. But the slow driver might not for the following reasons:

  • The slow driver has right of way in the corner and has no obligation to give way
  • The slow driver doesn’t see the fast driver because the closing speed was very high
  • The slow driver doesn’t see the fast driver because he is a novice and has all his attention on cornering and none left for situational awareness

Fast drivers approaching slow cars must understand they cannot expect the slow driver to make room for them. If they are in a fast car, they will pass soon enough, like on the following straight. There is no reason to dive-bomb a slow car. Doing so makes you an Apex Stealing Scumbag (ASS). In the video below, the crash doesn’t occur until 1:29, but watch from 0:00 to observe the driving style.

Something about the driving style made me think of a Zombie stumbling about with arms outstretched. Maybe it was the hands choking the top of the steering wheel or the untrained footwork. Must… eat… brains…


If I had a nickel for every time…

One of the most common and most avoidable incidents occurs when a slower car takes the typical racing line in front of a faster car trying to pass on the inside.

To the driver trying to pass I want to say: “What the hell were you thinking? With your speed, you can pass anywhere. If you can’t put yourself in a position to pass before the corner, it’s not your corner. This is 100% your fault”.

To the driver in front I want to say: “How could you not see this coming? You have mirrors, right? Use them. It’s dangerous out there. Drive like you understand that. This was 100% avoidable.”

Disclaimer: I may have said these things to myself at one time or another…

indifference to difference

One of the charming attributes of crapcan racing is that the cars and drivers are a mixed bag. This makes the driving more fun, but also more dangerous. Drivers in particularly fast or slow cars need to pay extra attention because they create dangerous situations with their very different closing speeds.

Who is at fault here? 100% of the blame goes to the faster driver. With a car that good, he can choose where to pass, and stealing the apex under braking is a seriously bad idea. If you can’t drive your cheater responsibly, GTFO.