As you can see from my blog, book, videos, and classes, I like helping drivers learn how to improve their craft. In my day job, I’m a Professor at UC Davis, so teaching is a big part of my life. While driving and coaching aren’t my profession, they are my passion.

I am available for private or semi-private coaching in-person or online. My coaching philosophy focuses on identifying and fixing the bad habits that prevent drivers from reaching their potential. Ideally that means using data loggers and video. I believe that improving takes lots of hard work, but also that hard work can be lots of fun.

I like working with students of all levels, but my ideal student is an intermediate level driver who already understands typical race track jargon and has done a few track days (or a lot of sim racing). I’m happy to work with individuals or small groups.

There are a lot of driving coaches out there, and I’m probably one of the least decorated, at least from a racing credentials standpoint. So what are the advantages of working with me?

  • I learned high performance driving rather late in life, so I understand how to learn a new skill as an adult with limited time
  • I’m a professional educator who is well-versed in adapting to students with different learning styles
  • I have a FWD and RWD car you can use for the day
  • I have data loggers and video cameras
  • I am an avid proponent of using simulators to improve driving and data analysis skills
  • Who knows, you might end up driving with me on my endurance racing team

How much does it cost? That depends on what we’re doing and for how long.

  • Offline data/video analysis (via email) – $50
  • Online data/video analysis (via video conferencing) – $50 / hour
  • Full day at the track – $500 (includes offline or online data analysis)
  • Car rental – variable from $200-$500 depending on duration and type of activity
  • Endurance racing – variable from $500-$1000 depending on location