Actual left-footed driving

Racing/wrenching buddy Tiernan came over to help install an Able Motion left foot accelerator pedal. These kinds of devices come in 2 forms: fixed and portable. The fixed ones have to be fastened through the floor of the vehicle, while the portable units are mounted to a heavy plate of steel. I decided not to get a portable. I feel like it wouldn’t be stuck down very well, and in the case of an accident, it would turn into a 15 lb steel missile.

The install required some customization. Two of the bolts went through the floor, but didn’t have enough thread to tighten all the way. Of course, I have lots of old vehicle hardware lying around, so we swapped those out no problem. The other 2 bolts were not easy to locate on the underside of the car. So for these, we used some pretty large machine screws. It’s now very stable.

If you look at the picture, you’ll see two red clamps. These allow the unit to be removed easily for right-footed driving. The design of the clamps isn’t all that good because once again, the threads ended too soon. That said, it’s firmly in place and nothing is going anywhere.

I took a drive around the neighborhood and was pleased to find that my Assetto Corsa practice paid off. I can drive smoothly left footed. Mission accomplished.

4 thoughts on “Actual left-footed driving

    1. I would love to try left foot vs. right foot driving in the real world. Maybe I need an automatic sports car to mount this into later…


  1. I infer this is for drivers who lack a functional right foot?

    The pedal mod I wish I had is a larger brake pedal. That way I could initiate braking with my left foot (for faster transition and ability to overlap), then transition to right foot, then heel-toe and accelerate out. I have simulated this with my 2 pedal car – have “mastered” starting braking with left and transitioned to right. One issue is that the brake would need to be big enough to accommodate 2 feet, but small enough to allow clutch engagement without accidentally depressing the brake..


    1. Yeah, this is for people with injuries, disabilities, and such. You can buy wider brake pedal covers, but as you say, I think they would ge in the way of the clutch. I like your idea.


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