Race countdown: 2…

I can’t believe there are only 2 weeks until the next race. What am I doing to prepare? Not much. The car is pretty much ready to go.

I have a track day coming up on Monday with the the Golden Gate Lotus Club, which is my favorite track day host. What makes GGLC the best for me? It’s a mixture of laid-back atmosphere, low cost, and cool cars. Honestly, there aren’t many Lotus cars at a Lotus Club event, but the cars people bring tend to be unusual.

I signed up with the Z3 because I’ve never driven the Z3 on the East track. On the other hand, the Yaris hasn’t had a test drive since the last race. Not much has changed, just a little suspension tweak on the front and relocating the battery to the rear. While I really want to drive the Z3, as team manager, I think it’s my responsibility to do a bit of testing with the Yaris. I haven’t driven it with the 205/55/16 tires yet, so doing some mix-n-match tires will give me some experimenting to do.

Ideally, if I’m doing experiments, I’d have my AiM Solo DL so that I could compare performance with previous days. However, that unit is sort of on permanent loan with my brother. However, I did just receive a RaceBox Mini. That’s something that needs testing too. Oh, and I should probably do a live test of the Discord-based in-car communication system.

OK, so I guess I do have a few things to do before the race. Check back for a report next week.

One thought on “Race countdown: 2…

  1. Total bummer. I’m on the east coast for work but i was planning on going to this event.. and bringing my SRF. It would have been fun. You could have borrowed my Solo…. I’ll let you know when i go up next. I was at T-hill last week w/ HOD. That’s a high class group. Lots of vette’s. Mostly pretty slow.


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