This is a short follow-up post to the last one. I’ve named my project RATTY. Trying to mount 5 buttons within easy reach of the driver turned out to be a difficult problem to solve. So instead, I decided I could get away with a single button if I used a combination of clicking styles. I put the button on the gear shifter. I think the steering wheel would be a good place too.

I’m planning on using this as follows:

  • Single-click: “Yes”
  • Double-click: “No”
  • Multi-click: “Bad stuff has happened”
  • Long-click: “Pit request”

Here I am interacting with RATTY from the comfort of my desk. This is the output as it looks on my iPhone 6S Plus. I set the font slightly larger as the default is pretty small.

Here’s a link to the ratty GitHub repository where you can get the code if you want to build one yourself. I’m using an Arduino Uno WiFi R2, but I think you could use an Arduino Nano 33 IOT, which is about half the price ($22.55 with tax and shipping). I have one on order to build a second unit. A HotSpot will cost around $100, but you could use a phone instead.

The next step is to mount everything in the car.

9 thoughts on “RATTY

  1. Click Click Long Click: Bacon CheeseBurger no onions and fries please.

    Click Clickety Click Click: I need a new playlist, I forgot this was an endurance race.


      1. That might be enough, I’d probably go with 100ms. The shifter lever is vibrating a lot.


      2. I’m using 500 ms for the clicks. Anything between 25 and 500 is counted as a single click. Anything over 500 is a click-and-hold. Both clicks and holds debounce with the same value.


  2. Watch out for contact bounce on the switch, they tend to have a lot in high vibration environments.
    You’ll probably want the double click speed to be fairly slow to allow lots of debounce time.


  3. At our Lucky Dog race in February the driver’s radio mic broke but you could still use the push to talk button to make clicks. We worked out a system:
    1 Click in response to a question = Yes
    2 Clicks in response = No

    1 click unprompted = Checking in, everything ok
    2 clicks unprompted = Something slightly wrong
    3 clicks = Pitting now
    Many many clicks = Car crashed, I am not dead (we had to use that one once)


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