A little racing humor

There are probably some things that should be higher on my list of things to blog about. For example, I was just in a 24 Hours of Lemons race and I haven’t said a word about that. I’m also in the middle of posting some off-season training exercises. I’ve also got a couple new projects in the works that I could mention. However, today I’ve decided I had to make something funny.

In this diagram, you’re supposed to read it from left to right. How do 24 Hours of Lemons racers see themselves, ChampCar, NASCAR, and SCCA? That’s the first row. Which is to say that Lemons racers have a lot of humor about themselves, so I’m equating them with The Cramps (which happens to be one of my all-time favorite bands). Since ChumpCar basically stole the Lemons formula, I think Lemons looks at them as Milli Vanilli. NASCAR is like some big stadium rock group, so Bruce Springsteen? And SCCA, they’re just a bunch of old guys, like Frank Sinatra.

So how does ChampCar see themselves? As one of the most significant bands of all time: Nirvana. As “Real Racers”, they’re just like NASCAR. But the SCCA is a bunch of old guys and Lemons is just weird (Weird Al Yankovic in this case).

I have no idea what NASCAR racers think of Lemons, but probably “that’s strange” sort of like DEVO. And ChampCar is just a boy band like New Kids on the Block. NASCAR see themselves as one of the great American rock bands, which I guess is Van Halen given the rad theme I’m going with in this post. Oh, and the SCCA really is just a bunch of old guys.

Finally we get to the SCCA. They see themselves as the Classic Rock icons Led Zeppelin. Lemons is some clown shit (Twisted Sister) while ChampCar is that homegrown rocker John Couger. NASCAR is Springsteen rather than Van Halen because he doesn’t wear spandex.

I was thinking of adding LDRL (Cindi Lauper for just wanting to have fun), WRL (upscale country-fried rock), AER (something electronic to reference all the cool shit they do), RRL (referencing some obscure bands nobody has ever heard of), NASA (as an exact clone of the SCCA), and F1 (which would require some international flavor of which I’m totally ignorant of). In the end, I decided to keep it simple.

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