Summer (fantasy) trip

I have this fantasy of driving across the US and visiting a handful of race tracks along the way. I’ve planned this trip every Summer for the last few years, but I’ve never actually done it. I’m definitely traveling to New York in June. The question is if I drive or fly. I could drive a trackable car across, tow a track car, or drive something and arrange some arrive-n-drives.


I haven’t been to any of the tracks listed below. I’ve driven a few in simulators though. I’ve ranked them here using a mixture of simulation experience, YouTube videos, and a fair helping of je ne sais quois.

  • 5 points
    • Mid-Ohio – When I first started iRacing, I found this track very difficult. But I eventually came to love it for its challenges.
    • Pittrace – Mario says it’s even better than MidO. Available in Assetto Corsa.
  • 4 points
    • Summit Point Jefferson – I’ve driven it in iRacing, and it’s one of my favorites anywhere. It’s a little off the direct path, so its score is reduced by 1.
    • 4 Points: Grattan – Small, twisty, hilly, never driven it. I don’t think it’s in any sim. It’s a tiny bit out of the way.
    • 4 Points: Waterford Hills – Also small, twisty, hilly, and not on the direct route. There is a version in AC, but it looks rough.
    • Putnam Park – I’ve driven it in AC and it was fun. I have friends I’d like to visit in Indiana, which increases its score.
  • 3 Points
    • Summit Main – I’ve driven Summit Point quite a bit in iRacing. It’s a bit off the route.
    • Summit Shenandoah – I have it in AC but haven’t driven it. It’s a bit out of the way. This might be a 4 point track.
    • High Plains – Conveniently located if you’re traveling West-East. Lots of endurance races are held there. Assetto Corsa.
  • 2 Points
    • Utah/Miller – Supposedly a great facility, but the track looks a bit too flat for my taste
    • Raceway Park of the Midlands – It’s a bit flat, but it’s very convenient if you’re driving across the US. Available in AC under its previous name: Mid America Motorplex.
    • Heartland Park Topeka – Mostly flat but good location. It’s in rFactor 2.
    • Englishtown – Weird little track that doesn’t look entirely safe.
  • 1 Point
    • New Jersey Motorsports Park – I’ve driven Thunderbolt in iRacing and Lightning in Assetto Corsa. Both are fun tracks but a little out of the way for this trip.
    • GingerMan – Located close to Grattan and Waterford Hills, but on its own, not a priority. I would love to race there in Lemons though.
    • Blackhawk Farms – Small, fast, flat.
    • Autobahn Country Club – Plenty of corners, but they’re all flat.
    • Gateway/WWT – It’s a roval I’ve driven in iRacing that I like okay. There aren’t many


The routes are ordered by departure date. It’s not easy finding track days that are conveniently located in time and space. I guess that’s part of the fun.

  • Route 1 – 16 points
    • Raceway Park of the Midlands
    • Grattan or Waterford Hills
    • Mid-Ohio
    • Pittrace
  • Route 2 – 12 points
    • High Plains
    • Raceway Park of the Midlands
    • Gateway (WWTRP)
    • Autobahn
    • GingerMan
    • Waterford Hills
  • Route 3 – 13 points
    • Utah Motorsports Campus
    • Heartland Park Topeka
    • Putnam Park
    • Mid-Ohio
  • Route 4 – 16-17 points
    • Utah Motorsports Campus
    • High Plains Raceway
    • Blackhawk Farms
    • Pittrace
    • Summit Point (Main, Jefferson, Shenandoah all possible)
    • Englishtown
  • Route 5 –  8-9 points
    • High Plains
    • Blackhawk Farms
    • Grattan or Pittrace

North and South

I also think about making trips North and South. There are a bunch of great tracks in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve planned several trips and have yet to do any of them. I’ve also thought about going South but the convenient time for me to do that is in the Summer and it’s way too hot.

7 thoughts on “Summer (fantasy) trip

    1. It runs a little north of my path. It would add about 5 hours to the trip. Weirdly, there aren’t that many track days there in June. There are a couple other tracks I could have included but were also left off because of one inconvenience or another.


  1. They are hot, but Hallett (OK), Eagle’s Canyon, and MSR Cresson (especially the 3.1 configuration) (North Texas) are well worth the visit. If you’re doing a Southern Swing on your way out or back you could easily add NOLA and MSR Houston to that list.

    It does get hot in the summer, but if you flex early that can still work out.


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