OkStupid: Part 4 – DTF

I was recently registering for the upcoming 24 Hours of Lemons race at Sonoma and noticed I could add solo drivers with a click of a button. I thought it would be fun to check out their advertisements and comment on them (red text is me). This is part 4 of 4.

Let’s do it

  • Long-time wrencher, welder, enthusiast. I’ve done autox and motorcycle track days, looking to get into wheel to wheel auto racing. Useful in paddock and car prep, shitload of tools and truck to use. If you drive a motorcycle, you’re probably more aware than most about danger. Tools and truck are a plus.
  • 58YO. Done a bunch of track days and autocrosses as an adult. Third-rate mechanic, but decent metal fabricator, welder and painter. Looking for a team to drive for. Willing to do my fair share of work and $ contribution. Knows his strengths and weaknesses and is up-front about sharing expenses. Probably won’t flake out and back out of a race a day before the deadline.
  • I’ve been racing Lemons for 7 years and looking to get more seat time. As a driver I am consistent, get no black flags and take care of the car. As a crew member I have basic mechanical skills and bring a good attitude. Sounds like an excellent teammate. Mentioning black flags and taking care of the car are good points to make.
  • Lemons racer since 2011. Races – 25 Lemons and 2 Lucky Dog. Best race, Class C win in the Kia Pet 222 at Button Willow true 24 hour race. Tracks run – Sonoma, Thunderhill, Buttonwillow, Chuckwalla, The Ridge, Indie, Miller, Willow Springs. Can wrench. 10/10 experience overcomes lack of personality.
  • 1. Loves to have fun! 2. Can fix anything and a pretty good welder too. 3. Drives pretty good, hobby job is HOD driving coach 4. First track day was in a 1970 VW beetle, after that I built a 1972 Vega with an RX3 Wankel engine, will race whatever…. (1) Useful skills (2) I like lists too (3) That’s enough for me to like you.
  • While I was in the military I was a driving safety and riding safety instructor. I am a regular at 2 tracks in Wa, Pacific Raceway, and Ridge Park. I’m a big time DIY’er, so I’m also good at unconventional repairs, and reading what’s wrong with a car. Ooh, I like this one. Being tuned into the car is a lot more important than FTOD.
  • I am a 58 year old female that has driven from Texas to California (and back) approximately 35 times. Been driving since I was 11, and love driving! Big girl, strong and not pretty. Determined. Want to get involved. Know mechanics fairly well. I love the passion here. It would be weird to drive from Texas to California and not back though. Just saying.
  • I’m 30 and I can fix stuff sometimes. Mainly work on Japanese vehicles but a American car shouldn’t be an issue. I pretend like I know how to drive fast but would like to learn more. I have all my own tools and a truck. I like the mixture of competence and humility with a dash of humor. How are you not already on a Lemons team?
  • Been a shade tree mechanic for 20 years. Racing experience in auto-x and drag (racing that is). I have a fair amount of tools and lots of costumes that I bring to the table. I have a couple of vehicles that can tow, but no trailer. Blah blah blah lots of costumes! You’re in.
  • I got first place at an indoor go kart track one time. 10 years + mechanical experience automotive, motorcycle, aircraft. Do it yourself shade tree fixing shit with coat hangers and duct tape. Electrical, plumbing, welding, good at all master of none. You’re so Lemony I want to squeeze you and make lemonade.
  • I’m new to LeMons, want to put a car/team together soon, but for now throwing my driving skill and stamina hats into the ring. I have 12 laps on nurburgring, delivered chinese food in a new Fit, and taken folks on jeep tours to bottom of grand canyon. You had me at Chinese.
  • 26 years old, 5’11” tall. I like long beaches on the walk. I have a suit/helmet, an unhealthy amount of 16″ 4.5×5 steel wheels. Can weld decently, basic mechanic skillset. Have built a Lemons car recently. Tell me your buy in. Fuck me now.

My OkStupid

Let’s see, I guess it’s my turn to write a Lemons match-making blurb. How is this?

10 years of endurance racing, zero black flags, love driving in rain, occasional Lemons staff, placed 3rd overall in a Yaris, given away 3 racecars (so far), and you suck at racing (not you personally, that’s my blog/book).

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