OkStupid: Part 3 – Hmm

I was recently registering for the upcoming 24 Hours of Lemons race at Sonoma and noticed I could add solo drivers with a click of a button. I thought it would be fun to check out their advertisements and comment on them (red text is me). This is part 3 of 4.

Hmm… that might work

  • I graduated at college of the desert with two associates degrees in automotive technology been working on cars for 20 years and live in the Riverside county area. It’s always nice to have mechanics on a race team, and it’s useful to provide your location. That said, there is nothing here to make me reach out and say hello.
  • In SF, CA. I can/want to drive, can contribute $, can tow, and wrench: done brake systems, tune-ups on air-cooled (VW, 356, 911), and fuel injection on diesel (6.2/6.5 Detroit). I have an 84 GMC Suburban that can haul, but don’t have a trailer. A good fit for someone driving an older or obscure vehicle. Not sure this one would be interested in a 2007 Yaris.
  • I’m interested in joining a team as a driver or mechanic. I currently track my Miata and E36 M3 at SoCal tracks like Big Willow, Buttonwillow, Streets of Willow and Auto Club Speedway. I don’t have any mechanical specialties but can wrench. I like that this person wants to join as driver or mechanic. That says a lot about this person as a teammate. Probably a good person to have on a Miata or 3-series team.
  • I’m 17 year old from Mississippi. I would love to get the experience of being in a race team weather it’s as a driver or a mechanic etc. I have a 16’ Miata did acouple things myself to it and would love to put the thing I’ve learned to the test. Outstanding maturity and perspective for 17 years old. I’ve never had someone so young on my team, and that might be fun.
  • Hi, I am a TT driver that is ready to join the Lemons series. I have the skills in data analysis and can provide the tools needed to do data acqusition and analysis. I also have a transponder to lend to the team. Useful skills and experience. Just not a very interesting advertisement.
  • Driver, Mechanic, Welder Have and truck trailer. I have raced Lemons with other teams over the years but, I don’t currently have a team. I have raced several times at Sears Point and Button Willow, I consistently produce the fastest lap time for the. Apparently there’s a limited amount of space to describe yourself because the sentence ended abruptly. That’s too bad because this driver didn’t get to finish their bragging or display their personality.
  • Passionate, Focused. 3 Years of simulator training. 300+ hours logged on Assetto Corsa driving Sportscars, formula, and stock cars. Proficient understanding of vehicle dynamics, as well as race/tyre strategy. 2 Kart sessions under belt. Points Finish. I’m a sim racer myself, so we would probably get on just fine. It would be nice if he said something else though.
  • Have helmet will travel (driver) bbq pit master. It’s practically a haiku. Worth a look.
  • SCCA/ COTA Flag marshal. Lifetime race fan and sim racer. Willing to wrench and help. Desperate to drive! Flaggers understand safety, and that’s the primary concern on track. Someone take this driver.
  • My wife took one look at this page and then said “troublemaker” while shaking her head. Help me make her proud! Novice everything, just want to get involved (some track driving experience) – recently relocated to California. Points for not being boring. Everyone starts at the bottom. I take rookies on my team frequently.
  • Mature, fit, patient . Experienced with autoX and offroad motorcycling. Understand traction management & caring for the car. Once beat all the Corvettes with my FWD econobox at an autoX. I am in the Pacific Northwest. Can travel anywhere. Anyone who tracks a FWD econobox is OK in my book, even if they describe themselves in such somnolescent terms as “mature, fit, patient”.
  • Want to race/have fun with a Lemons team! Will provide beer :) Raced 600cc motorcycle and shifter karts, compete in time attack events in California, frequent track days 25+ year, fast/skilled driver, good mechanic. Thunderhill/Buttonwillow PB sub 2. 25 track days per year? Wow. A fast driver used to fast cars.  Not sure this is a good fit for a Yaris though.
  • From California and currently moving to Texas, I cqn drive anything. A fan of nascar and F1. I am currently a wheeled vehicle mechanic in the United States Army just looking for some experience in a Lemons car to eventually start my own team. Sounds like he has the right temperament and attitude to start a successful team. Someone join him.
  • I don’t have the time or space to build a car, so would love to join a team. I am very mechanically inclined and up to the driving challenge. I can also cook anything ina grill so I’ve got that going for me which is nice. I agree, the grilling skill is a nice bonus (is that a Stripes reference?). Seems like a good catch.
  • Experienced prepper/driver in offroad, dirt asphalt circle track, drag. Hot rod builder for 40 years. Alignment shop owner since 1985. I have a fully equipped fab, machine shop. Success in all aspects of automotive racing. Lots of useful skills and resources. Not useful if not local though.

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