Things that rule #4: HPDE coaching

Didn’t I just make a post a little while ago about how HPDE coaching sucks? Yes, yes I did. I even went as far as making a video that pokes fun at HPDE coaches. That’s because HPDE coaching does suck. Yet it also rules. Let me tell you why.

Coaches are altruistic

Your HPDE coach isn’t there for the money. After you figure travel, room, and board, it’s still expensive even if the coach gets some free laps. No, coaches are there because they are passionate about the sport they love and they want to see it thrive. They know that getting in a vehicle with you might be dangerous. There have been incidents where coaches have been killed. Still they do it.

I’ve been behind the closed doors of coaches meetings, and I can tell you what that the conversations are about.

  • Safety concerns with aggressive drivers
  • Making sure drivers are having a good time
  • Giving support to timid drivers
  • Coaches helping other coaches

It’s all so unbelievably wholesome. Your HPDE coach is probably one of the nicest people you will meet.

Students want to learn

As a Professor, I see a lot of kinds of students. Not all students go to college to learn. Many of them are there for the party. Some students sign up for classes based on what mom & dad said rather than following their own interests. So not all students are passionate about class material. But at HPDE events, most students are really excited about learning how to drive on track. As a coach, it’s really fun to have a passionate student.

Coaching is fun

Coaching takes effort and is a bit draining, but it’s also a lot of fun. One thing I get to do as a coach is to drive other peoples’ cars. I’ve driven some really great cars over the years and I have a much better appreciation of sports cars in general because of that. But probably the best part about being a coach is when a student says to you “I never thought I would be able to drive like that”. Being part of someone else’s success is a great feeling.

Coaching makes you a better driver

Nobody learns more than the teacher

Despite making fun of this in a video I made, I actually believe it. Coaching makes you a better driver. When you have to explain something to another person, it forces you to reflect on your own knowledge. When you do so, you sometimes find holes in that knowledge or new insights. Teaching forces you to be more introspective, and from a learning perspective, that’s a good thing. You can also write about driving. That’s why I have a blog and a book. Writing also makes you a better driver.

2 thoughts on “Things that rule #4: HPDE coaching

  1. I’ve been aware of the “explaining something to someone else forces you to reflect on your knowledge” thing, but I hadn’t thought about that it might apply to HPDE coaching. Interesting!


  2. As always, you deliver some great insight with the Rule #4 – HPDE Coaching article. \ Thank you. Keep up the great work! John


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