Lime Rock

I’ve turned more laps at Lime Rock Park than any other track, with the exception of Brands Hatch maybe. It’s not my favorite driving track, but it is one of my favorite learning tracks. Driving it in person on a beautiful day was a really special experience (even in a Honda Civic with intrusive nannies and overheating brakes).

4 thoughts on “Lime Rock

  1. Overheating brakes at Lime Rock? I have only driven it virtually, but it is not a heavy braking track – just turn 1, although with laps so short you get there every 90 seconds or so….


    1. I disagree, when you’re driving someone else’s car, there are 2 braking zones, Turn 1 and the Uphill. My top speed on the main straight was 114 mph, so clearly I’m going to brake there. And the uphill is the most dangerous corner, so I didn’t track out wide there as I would normally do. So how the heck do brakes overheat when being used twice per lap on opposite sides of the track? And by overheat I don’t mean a little. Mario took the car out after me and literally coasted around the track and his rear brakes came in super hot. I’ll post the answer to this mystery in my next post.


  2. Coning off the inside exit curb on the inside of big bend is interesting–the club I run with doesn’t do that. I find that my car (just a completely normal FWD 230hp 105.0 sort of ordeal) feels happiest living on those reasonably mellow curbs. Are these coned off for general safety or should I really be avoiding these?


    1. I don’t know why the cones are there. As you know, some of the curbs at Lime Rock are low and some are high. Not sure why there are high ones.


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