The Other Racebox

I love lap timers. In addition to a half-dozen phone-based apps, I’ve owned a TraqMate, RumbleStrip, Apex Pro, AiM Solo DL, and Racebox. (Edit: and also 2 versions of AutoSport Labs RaceCapture).

Traqmate is no longer making products. I think they still do service though. If you can find one of these systems, they are good. I sold mine, and hopefully it continues to provide valuable service.

RumbleStrip Racing Products is also not producing new units. This is my favorite delta timer. I’m never selling mine.

Apex Pro is a sweet looking data logger and sum-G meter. I sold mine because it doesn’t make sense to watch LEDs in corners. If it was reconfigured to show delta time I might consider it again.

Aim Solo DL is a good product. I have the older version, pictured here, but the 2nd version is even better.

Racebox is a product I’ve seen advertised to me on Facebook and Amazon. I’ve never used it, but it looks pretty good. Wait a sec, didn’t I just say I’ve owned a Racebox?

Racebox, the Russian one

It turns out that there are two different products called Racebox. I have the one pictured below. I bought it because (a) I like big red LEDs (b) it’s inexpensive (c) it’s Russian. The website has an English version, but you should definitely experience in Russian for full effect.

Let me tell you why you should consider getting a Racebox.

  • GPS + GLONASS at 16 Hz. Yes, 16 Hz!
  • It can be used as a lap timer, delta timer, and data logger, plus some things I don’t care about like dyno, 1/4 mile, incline, etc.
  • It’s inexpensive. $83 for the Lite version and $111 for the Pro.
  • It’s very lightweight, and the window mounting system works well.
  • It can be used as a GPS antenna with phone apps (Pro version).

Here are some reasons you shouldn’t get a Racebox.

  • Updating the firmware is confusing.
  • Having one button for the entire interface is awkward.
  • The documentation is sparse and the English isn’t always English.
  • Modes don’t work in parallel. You can’t have your delta timer and data logger at the same time.
  • They are currently sold out.

The last point worries me a little. Are they not making products anymore? Are they waiting for parts? Are they focusing on developing something new?

In the video below, you can see the Racebox in action. On the first lap, the LEDs read “L1 GATE”, which means it’s waiting to pass the gate (start/finish line) on lap 1. On the next lap, it shows the lap time accumulating. As I cross start/finish, it flashes the lap time. For all remaining laps, it shows a delta time with reference to the fastest lap except when passing start/finish, when it shows the lap time again.

2 thoughts on “The Other Racebox

  1. You should definitely take a look at RaceCapture by Autosport Labs if you haven’t. They have a few versions, the main ones being the RaceCapture Track line that plugs into your OBD and acts as a lap timer, datalogger and telemetry, or the RaceCapture/Pro line which does lap timing, datalogging, telemetry, and allows you to plug in whatever sensors you want including their shift light. The software is open source, and you can use a phone/tablet/raspberry pi to view all the gagues, lap times, delta, and more.

    Wow that sounds like a sales pitch…but I’m very happy with my RaceCapture/Pro MK2


    1. I forgot about RaceCapture. I’ve owned the original one and also a RaceCapture Pro. I didn’t like the software or configuration. But they are pretty cool products and AutoSport Labs makes a lot of other gadgets (some of which I own).


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