Throwing in the towel

Everything that can go wrong is going wrong! What am I talking about? I was supposed to be racing at NJMP this weekend with my brother. That is no longer happening. Disaster after disaster has occurred and we’re no longer able to make it. Here are some of the things he’s dealing with at Occam’s Racer Headquarters (aka his house).

  • His Miata ran perfectly last race, but when started it up for a shakedown, it was burning a lot of oil. A compression test showed that one cylinder was down to 60 psi. Not good! Not as bad as my Yaris, but bad.
  • He ordered new rings for urgent shipment, not once, but twice. Both times, the orders were not filled. So there are no rings to rebuild the engine.
  • The rear brake pads are out and we can’t find another set for some reason.
  • The RV, which is the tow vehicle and our home base, suddenly has a check engine light. It’s got 7 codes stored!
  • The RV’s new tires don’t hold air.
  • While cleaning out the tanks, all of the valves were open, so when Mario opened the main valve, the RV dumped excrement all over him.

The car isn’t running. The RV needs repairs. Is there anything wrong with the trailer? Probably. When the shit hits the man, it’s time to reassess the situation. So we’re throwing in the towel and abandoning the race (and practice day). Instead, we’ll spend some days fixing stuff and hopefully do a track day up at Pineview Run.

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