Ranger #4

I just bought a new (used) vehicle! It’s a 2007 Ford Ranger FX4. Here are the specs.

  • 4.0L engine 207HP, 238TQ
  • Off-road package
  • Tow package: capacity 3100 lbs
  • SuperCab with clamshell doors
  • 2WD, 4WD high, 4WD low
  • Automatic transmission

This is my 4th Ford Ranger. My first was a 1996 I4 extra cab. I sold it when I moved to the UK. When I returned stateside, I bought a regular cab 1995. It was so basic that it had a bench seat and non-powered steering. Then I got a 2007 with a 3.0L V6. While I have a lot of fond memories of all the adventures in that, it was really underpowered for what I was doing. I’ve been looking for a replacement for a while that was 4×4 and auto (so the wife can drive). I was considering Nissan Frontiers, Honda Ridgelines, Toyota Tacomas, etc., but I ended up with another Ranger.

2 thoughts on “Ranger #4

  1. i used to have a Gen1 Tundra, just like your current ranger (suicide doors), then my inlaws sorta gifted us a ’08 Ridgeline w/ like 30k miles on it. SOOOOO much better. it towed almost as well as the tundra (5k vs. 7.5k… tiny lemon’s cars on u-haul trailers aren’t that tough) but the interior space, improved ride, quietness, that weird bed trunk thing to keep all your towing junk, etc., amazing. the 4wd works great on dirt roads and Tahoe. I’m not a rock hopper. yes it has a 5′ bed so i can’t really sleep in it,but it holds plywood from HD, and for essentially everything we do its just so much better. to be clear, its pretty ugly, meaning it doesn’t look like a TRUCK, but if you can get past that its been pretty amazing… as an aside, long ago i worked at Ford and one of the vehicles i worked on was fuel systems for the late 90’s Rangers. they were great little trucks. good size.

    dont care what anyone says, its good to have a truck. ;)


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