Incident Report

Just got back from a race weekend at Thunderhill with Lucky Dog Racing League. This happened to one of our drivers.

The new splitter didn’t survive. It got bent pretty bad and we had to remove it because it was cutting a tire. Here’s what it looked like before the incident.

I’ve got to collect my thoughts for a bit before I write the race report. It was an unusual race for many reasons.

4 thoughts on “Incident Report

  1. I recently watched another video showing that same car missing yellow flags and not having the most consistent driving:

    I do think the comment on your YouTube video has it a bit off – locked up and understeered *in reaction to getting turned in on*, not as the cause – but still I would kind of expect to get turned in on there. The mustang seems to be a faster car that just blew a corner; their having blown the previous corner would make me trust them less, and being only halfway alongside, I’d like to think that I would’ve backed out. Even if the driver completes the pass here, the mustang would go by again before long. On the other hand, yea, mustang could have left room, especially having just blown a corner. Mixed blame.

    I was actually at THill on Sunday renting the skidpad for some car control practice with some friends. I saw your car out on the track so tried to come say hi at the end of the day, but couldn’t find you, must’ve packed up quick.


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