Shit I don’t understand… #2: Hypercars

This is the second in a series of rants about things I don’t understand about car culture, motorsports, and racing.

Hypercars are the worst

The most exclusive sports cars are known as Hypercars. These represent the pinnacle of technology and have a price tag to match. Hypercars include vehicles from Ferrari, McLaren, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Pagani, Lamborghini, as well as some vehicles from larger manufacturers like Porsche, Ford, Mercedes, Audi, Honda, etc. In the 2020 Road & Track Performance Car of the Year article, the fastest car around Thunderhill West was the Lamborghini Huracan Evo at 1:20.00. Not far behind was the McLaren 600LT at 1:20.42. These cars are $261K and $332K respectively. For that kind of money you might expect them to be rocket ships. Looking over the SpeedSF track records, there’s an E46 M3 at 1:19. A quick check of Craigslist shows you can get those for $10-15K. Sure, there may be differences in prep level and driver, but if it’s a 1:20 you’re after, you might as well get an M3, some track time, and a coach.

If you can afford a hypercar, here’s another idea: get a Formula Mazda, rent a garage at the local track, and drive a real race car on track days. Instead of driving a hypercar to the track, how about something more comfortable, economical, and safe? Oh, but then you wouldn’t be able to show everyone how much money you have. And ultimately, isn’t that what having a hypercar is all about? I seriously doubt there are any hypercar owners that read YSAR, but if there are, how do they make any sense? There are better racing cars. There are better commuters. What does a Ferrari do that a FM and a Tesla don’t do better?

4 thoughts on “Shit I don’t understand… #2: Hypercars

  1. They’re handcrafted sculptural art pieces – the fact that they happen to be drivable is almost irrelevant. Thinking about them as such makes far more sense. To do otherwise judges a marble statue as a missed opportunity to be a really awesome set of countertops.


  2. Between the Exocet and Supra, I have cars that would give most Ferrari street cars a run for the timer. However, neither of my cars is ANYWHERE near as nice of a place to spend time in. The build quality is what sets them apart in what I’ve seen first hand. That, and some cars just have a sound and personality that is incredible to experience.

    If I could live in a Ferrari 458, I’d sell my house.


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