Cutest Tool Wrap

I was looking for a small tool wrap or pen case for my locksport tool kit and came across this nice case on Amazon. It didn’t work out for my locksport needs. Also, the leather was really crusty and cheap. I was pretty disappointed.

But while mucking about with it, I realized it fit my Leatherman PST perfectly. I’ve had the OG Leatherman since 1987 I think, and I purchased it with a tool adapter. It’s amazing that I haven’t lost it in 33 years. Serendipitously, I found that the weird leather hoops hold the tool adapter like it was designed for it. At this point I decided I had to make a tool wrap based around the Leatherman. So I worked some Brooks Proofide into the leather to soften it up a bit and ended up with a really nice mini tool wrap. Here’s what’s in the case.

  • Leatherman PST
  • Leatherman tool adapter
  • Two strips of assorted bits in the pouch
  • Stockton 1/4″ drive socket wrench
  • Sockets in 10, 12, 14 (the 10 nests inside the 14)
  • Streamline 65808 3xAAAA pen light
  • Flat wrenches in 8+9, 10+11, 12+13, 14+15, 16+17
  • Zip ties

I wonder what else I can fit in here with the limited space?

I’ll show my locksport tools in another post. But, first some more simulator reviews.

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