iRacing delta challenge #17/20: Phoenix Rallycross

There are a bunch of free tracks I’ve never driven in iRacing. Every few days I’m going to drive one with zero preparation and then post the fastest lap time here. That’s the delta time. Your mission, should you accept it, is to beat it (and then call me names in the comment section).

Here are the rules.

  1. Global Mazda MX-5 Cup, baseline setup
  2. Default Weather (78F, 2 MPH N, 55%, afternoon)
  3. 30 minutes or 20 laps, whichever comes first

[Legacy] Phoenix International Raceway – 2008 Rallycross

This is one of two free rallycross tracks in iRacing, the other being Daytona. I’ve driven a little on the Daytona course but not Phoenix. Both courses are less than half dirt and feature a jump. What the hell is an MX-5 with race track suspension and tires doing on a dirt track with jumps? That’s sort of like asking what a runner is doing on an Tough Mudder course. The answer is having a surprisingly great time.

Delta = 49.593

OK, so this time I cheated. I wanted to break 50 seconds, and that happened on lap 21. Then I kept getting faster every lap and didn’t want to stop. I finally reined myself in at 25 laps. This track is ridiculously fun because the dirt is so slippery. I could very easily given this the top rank if the venue wasn’t such an eye sore. Put some dirt on Jefferson and that would be perfection!

Track Rank

In this section I’m ranking the tracks in the order of my preference. I tend to like technical tracks with some elevation, short straights, and corners that are blind, off camber, decreasing radius, and connected.

Rank Track Delta Lap
1 Summit Jefferson 0:55.980 10
2 Summit Jefferson Reverse 0:56.191 20
3 Phoenix 2008 Rally 0:49.593 25
4 Pocono 2009 East 1:12.321 12
5 Charlotte Legends RC Medium 1:10.825 20
6 TMS 2009 Combined 0:40.538 9
7 Charlotte 2008 Infield 0:47.637 20
8 Daytona 2008 Short 0:46.709 14
9 TMS 2009 Short B 0:27.062 18
10 Silverstone 2008 Southern 1:21.643 15
11 Phoenix 2008 Road 1:09.739 17
12 Tsukuba 1000 Full Reverse 0:40.878 17
13 Pocono 2009 South 0:50.291 14
14 Tsukuba 1000 Chicane 0:42.149 15
15 TMS 2009 Short A 0:24.995 8
16 Silverstone 2008 National 1:08.867 7
17 Pocono 2009 North 0:59.714 20

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