iRacing delta challenge #13/20: TMS Short A

There are a bunch of free tracks I’ve never driven in iRacing. Every few days I’m going to drive one with zero preparation and then post the fastest lap time here. That’s the delta time. Your mission, should you accept it, is to beat it (and then call me names in the comment section).

Here are the rules.

  1. Global Mazda MX-5 Cup, baseline setup
  2. Default Weather (78F, 2 MPH N, 55%, afternoon)
  3. 30 minutes or 20 laps, whichever comes first

[Legacy ] Texas Motor Speedway – 2009 Road Course Short A

TMS B is a great training track, so I came into TMS A with the idea that it might be the same. It’s not. Somehow 20 laps at 25 seconds each was tedious. Sure, I was trying to get better every lap, but I was also watching the lap counter thinking “thankfully, this will be over soon”.

Delta = 24.995

Every track has some redeeming feature, something it can teach you. TMS A has this: even on violent little tracks it pays to be smooth. Smooth doesn’t mean slow inputs, but not letting the suspension get upset. Now I’m wondering where the Long course compares to A (bad) and B (good).

Track Rank

In this section I’m ranking the tracks in the order of my preference. I tend to like technical tracks with some elevation, short straights, and corners that are blind, off camber, decreasing radius, and connected.

Rank Track Delta Lap
1 Summit Jefferson Reverse 0:56.191 20
2 Pocono 2009 East 1:12.321 12
3 Charlotte Legends RC Medium 1:10.825 20
4 Charlotte 2008 Infield 0:47.637 20
5 Daytona 2008 Short 0:46.709 14
6 TMS 2009 Short B 0:27.062 18
7 Silverstone 2008 Southern 1:21.643 15
8 Phoenix 2008 Road 1:09.739 17
9 Pocono 2009 South 0:50.291 14
10 Tsukuba 1000 Chicane 0:42.149 15
11 TMS 2009 Short A 0:24.995 8
12 Silverstone 2008 National 1:08.867 7
13 Pocono 2009 North 0:59.714 20

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