iRacing delta challenge #1/20: Phoenix Road

There are a bunch of free tracks I’ve never driven in iRacing. Every few days I’m going to drive one with zero preparation and then post the fastest lap time here. That’s the delta time. Your mission, should you accept it, is to beat it (and then call me names in the comment section).

Here are the rules.

  • Global Mazda MX-5 Cup
  • Baseline setup
  • Default Weather (78F, 2 MPH N, 55%, afternoon)
  • 30 minutes or 20 laps maximum, whichever comes first
  • Free tracks only

[Legacy] Phoenix Raceway – 2008

I didn’t even know that the Phoenix track had a road configuration. I thought it was oval only. Apparently there’s also dirt for rallycross. Anyway, the Road Course is really flat and really confusing because it’s so wide open. So I had to cheat and turn on the racing line for the first few laps just so I knew where I was supposed to drive.

Delta = 1:09.739

As rovals go, Phoenix is pretty interesting and challenging. Rovals are never going to be my favorite kind of track, but the ones I’ve tried have always had some redeeming features. This one has some difficult compromises where you can overspeed one part of the track and leave yourself in a bad position for the next corner. I really haven’t figured this track out, which is part of what makes this exercise fun. I also haven’t driven the MX-5 much, as my time in iRacing was mostly with the earlier NC model. So I’m sure I could go a good deal faster with a lot of practice, but for this challenge, my time is set.

So go beat my delta time already. On your mark, get set, go!

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