YSAR in 2020

Every time there’s a new calendar year, it’s a time for reflection. So reflecting on YSAR, my immediate thought is: “holy shit, I’ve been doing this for over 5 years”. This high performance driving blog has more legs than I would have thought. Looking forward to 2020, here’s some of the new content I have planned.

  • A bunch of posts on my favorite driving drills
  • Building a new sim rig
  • Software/hardware reviews
  • Performance improvements and testing for the Yaris
  • Race reports from Lemons, Lucky Dog, and AER
  • Racing with a deaf team
  • Coaching reports
  • Teaching reports from my class at UCD
  • Track reports from places I’ve never been
  • Rallycross reports???
  • Nerdy, witty, comical commentary on car shit (mostly nerdy)

New content comes out roughly weekly, so check back from time to time. If you like this blog, you might also enjoy Occam’s Racer and Manuel’s Transmissions.

2 thoughts on “YSAR in 2020

  1. Happy new year!

    You’re building a new sim rig? The 2×4 based one is so charming!
    I finished building a rig just before Christmas. Welded steel construction, a seat (with sliders!) from a friend’s 240SX cheap 32″ curved monitor, and a G920 with a custom hydraulic brake pedal I built. The rig has the same pedal to steering wheel dimensions as our race car, as well as the same pedal spacing.

    I was terrible at sim racing the first few hours Now I’m just not good.

    Is the Bodnar cable worth buying? I don’t seem to have a lack of precision on brake force.


  2. I’m keeping the 2×4 rig. I’ve actually added a handbrake to it. The new rig isn’t for me. The Bodnar cable is necessary for me because I’m not using a Logitech wheel, and without it, there’s no way to plug it in. It probably provides a little extra precision because only about half of the pedal’s range is useable. Your rig sounds pretty awesome.


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