Thunderhill Ready

Before the last race, I did a lot of lightening. The biggest win was getting an extra set of doors and gutting them to metal skins. While they weigh 50 lbs less each, they leave a larger hole and have no mirrors. That probably negatively affected our drag as top speed was off by 5 mph. Lap times were about the same though, probably due to better acceleration. Since there wasn’t much to do to get the car ready, this weekend we added some features that may improve our aerodynamics.

In the picture below, you can see a white piece of plastic on the A-pillar. This bulges out a little which we hope will deflect some of the air outward, so that the window doesn’t act like a parachute. The plastic is very heavy and shouldn’t move even with high air speed.

I also added a wing to the rear. This is a present Mario gave me that we had at one time installed on the front of the car as a sight gag. Now it’s installed in the correct place with mounts I hacked together. It’s more sturdy than I would have thought. No idea if it works, but even if it doesn’t give much down force, maybe it helps prevent air from the tailpipe going back into the cabin. Or maybe it creates lift and gives us carbon monoxide poisoning. Who the hell knows?

The last piece of our “aero package” is an air dam that I will attach once we get to the track. It will be interesting to compare data from the May Lemons race to see if top speed improves on the main straight and if we get any extra grip in the fast corners.

The only thing I’m concerned about at this point is the rear tires. The 8″ rims aren’t fully covered by the wheel wells. I guess I’ll order some fender flares.

3 thoughts on “Thunderhill Ready

  1. Our front tire stickout was much worse than that. A half an hour with a various pipes rolled the fender out enough that we don’t get in trouble. Rears got a steel fender welded on as there was no way to get 2.5″ of fender roll.


  2. i just did a track day with my 1969 2002 at Buttonwillow. got the AIM Solo for data per your suggestion. (ebay is a wonderful thing). very helpful!!! car came with springs, shocks, sways. i added Azenis tires 195/xx/14 tires… curiously, hunting around on my dropbox found Solo data from our fast Hamster from 2012. the motorcycle one w/ a huge double rear wing and big front splitter. similar azenis tires. The hamster was ~15mph faster in riverside. clearly not apples to apples, but similar corner speeds where corners were less than 60. Your wing could be awesome at least in T1. bring plywood for a SAT eve splitter.?.?.? can’t wait to see the data!,,..


  3. 1969 2002? What a sweet ride. I’ve got materials to build a splitter using a Fiesta skid plate off a rally car, but I haven’t done it yet.


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