Bad stuff happens to good drivers

Most of the crash videos on YSAR are caused by easily avoidable driving errors. Some common ones are late braking, improper downshifting, not checking mirrors, off-track incompetence, etc. But in a pack of cars, sometimes shit goes totally wrong, and there’s nothing to do but get caught up in it. The avalanche can get started by the tiniest of rumblings.

 If you watch these videos and think “that would never happen to me”, then maybe wheel-to-wheel racing isn’t the sport for you. It is going to happen. It’s inherent in the sport. What are you doing to get ready for it? I’m not talking about safety equipment. You can’t even go on track without a properly built car and a properly geared driver. What exactly does your health insurance cover? Can you afford to miss work for a couple weeks? Do you have the funds set aside for building another car?

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