How To: handicap your situational awareness

This is a first in a new series of posts on HOW TO SUCK AT RACING.

Racing is one of the most dangerous sports. You can tell that from the amount of safety equipment. Can you name another sport where you are required to wear fire retardant clothing, a crash helmet, and a neck brace? Even at the relatively slow speeds of amateur racing, people can get badly injured in a crash. So it’s a pretty good idea to prioritize safety when driving. Your most important skill is situational awareness. You have to know where every car is around you at all times. Otherwise some bogie is going to drop out of the sun, pull up on your six, and turn your plane into Swiss cheese. Oh wait, that’s a different fantasy (see the Aces page above). Watch the video while I recover my wits.

Lap times are more important than safety, right? Removing wing mirrors can gain you 0.01 seconds per lap and save fuel. Who cares if it’s unsafe?

In a previous YSAR post “Mirror mirror” we saw a similar situation. Here’s that video again.

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