If you’ve been following this blog, you should see this incident coming from a mile away…

Racers of all levels sometimes find themselves four wheels off (FWO). When this happens, the proper response is to gently ease the car back onto track. Novices have a tendency to wrestle the steering wheel in an attempt to turn the car. Here’s a tip: don’t. Driving on dirt is very different from asphalt. The car will respond sluggishly, and you must be patient for the car to catch up with the steering.

Intermediate drivers generally have good car control skills, but they lack good judgement. The POV car doesn’t expect the off-track car to come shooting across the track. But he should have. Going back to the pits with an IDX (I didn’t expect) excuse doesn’t change the fact that the car is now damaged. One way to gain experience in dangerous situations is to train with a simulator against real people (for more information on that, click the Simulation link above). iRacing is my favorite, but Assetto Corsa or rFactor would also be appropriate. It’s important to play against real people because real people make authentic errors.

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