One of the first things they teach you at an HPDE (high performance driver education) event is the racing line. Of course, there is no line painted on the track, and what line means is the path the car takes around the course. HPDE organizations generally teach a single racing line. Being able to follow that line is one of the requirements to go from the novice to intermediate levels. And when it comes to passing, the driver in front is supposed to stay on the line and give point-bys to the faster cars going off-line. That’s a safe way to run an HPDE event, but blindly following the racing line is no way to drive on race day!

In the video below, watch as the gray #77 car obediently follows the outside-inside-outside racing line. The POV car backs off when it gets cut off, but the next car isn’t so lucky.

Budget endurance racing is a mix of fast and slow and experienced and inexperienced. You have to be ready for anything. If your excuse is “I didn’t see” (IDS), then maybe you’re not ready for racing. If your excuse is “I didn’t expect” (IDX), then you’re not doing your job very well.


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