Continuing on in the Taxonomy of Suckage (ToS)… this week brings us to a very important lesson (or two). When entering the track, there is generally a blend line painted on the track. The line looks just like the no passing lines you see on the street when you’re supposed to stay in your lane. Everyone who drives knows that you don’t cross solid painted lines. The blend line means the exact same thing on track: don’t cross the line. Doing so could put your slow car in the path of a fast car and the result could be broken cars and people turning wrenches instead of steering wheels. Watching this video, I just want to smack the driver of car #27 in the head. Stop the blend line abuse (BLA).


If the POV driver was driving my car, that could be the last time they got behind the wheel. If you see a car coming onto track and you don’t expect them to do something stupid, you’re not doing your job. The #1 rule is safety first. That means not hitting anyone and not letting yourself get hit. Lap times are #6 on the list (that list will be the subject of a future post). Right of way (ROW) might help you protest or lay blame after an incident, but it doesn’t protect the car from harm. You do that.

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