Driving at a HPDE (high performance driving education) event usually means staying on the typical outside-inside-outside driving line and giving point-bys to the faster cars on the straights. Take that attitude to a race track and you’re bound to run into trouble because people will try to steal your apex if you don’t defend it. You can run into even more trouble with an IDL (idiotic driving line). If you’re driving so oddly that people can’t tell what the hell you’re doing, you’re going to get hit.

The Solstice that gets skewered drove a bizarre line through the chicane. It’s like they wanted to get hit. The Del Camino (no, that’s not an El Camino, but a Honda del Sol art car) obliges by locking its brakes in a typical moment of PBU (panic braking understeer). You can see the puffs of smoke off the tires. Ah, nothing like a little noob-on-noob action for light amusement.

I’m sure nobody wanted this to happen. But a part of me looks at this clip and says “if you’re going to bring a theme-less Solstice GXP to a LeMons race, you deserve to get skewered by an art car while being filmed from a crapcan with a stuffed chicken on its wing”.


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