Y is for You Aren’t Ayrton Senna

By being a racing driver you are under risk all the time. By being a racing driver means you are racing with other people. And if you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver because we are competing, we are competing to win. And the main motivation to all of us is to compete for victory, it’s not to come 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th.  — Ayrton Senna

Professional drivers are paid to take risks, and if they crash their car, it doesn’t come out of their paycheck. There’s a big difference between professional racing and amateur endurance racing (which is honestly the focus of this blog). We pay for our cars, repairs, maintenance, entry fees, safety equipment, transport, and medical bills. Racing tomorrow and next month depend on not crashing today. You’re not Ayrton Senna, and you’ll never be Ayrton Senna. Don’t make the stupid mistake of pretending you are. Be safe and have fun. There will be plenty of stories to tell even if you don’t make the podium.

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