V is for Vintage

I don’t care if a Prius has a 0.24 coefficient of drag. It looks like crap on shit. I’d rather have a Triumph Spitfire and it’s 0.42 CoD. Is there anything cooler than vintage race cars? No. Well, maybe WWII airplanes (see the Aces link above). But I could never own a warbird. But a vintage racecar? That might happen. While traveling through Europe as a pre-schooler in the early 1970s, I fell in love with the model cars from Corgi, which were mostly sports cars from the 60s and 70s.. To this day, I think all cars should like those Corgi toys.


Vintage racing looks like fantastic fun. But not when you sucker punch yourself with a dope-a-dope*. That’s borderline criminal.

* See the original dope-a-dope post here

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