S is for Style

There are two basic styles of driving: (1) point-n-shoot (2) momentum. The point-n-shoot driver is more aggressive with their inputs. She brakes harder, gets on the gas sooner, and countersteers bigger. The momentum driver is lighter on the brakes, smoother mid-corner, and gets on the gas later. Each style has its advantages, and neither one is necessarily best. Driver style goes much deeper than this simple dichotomy, however. Even something as mundane as how a driver holds the steering wheel has loads of personality. Do you fix your hands at 9 and 3 or move them around the wheel? Do you encircle the wheel with your thumbs or leave them on top? Do you push or pull? Do you have your palms on the wheel or just your fingers?

What’s your style when it comes to incidents? Do you tense up? Does it knock you off your game? How quickly do you get back to racing?

If you’re this driver, you’re so cool that you can give a sarcastic thumbs up in the middle of an incident and flick the other car off your bumper like an ant off a picnic table. 5/10 for safety, but 10/10 for style.


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