I is for iRacing

Did you know that some driving games are so realistic now that they are no longer games but simulations? The How To link at the top of the page has more information about the hardware and software you need to get started. I highly recommend iRacing to anyone who wants to drive on track. The #1 reason is because it puts you in situations you’ve never been in and never want to be in on a race track. Like crashing an exotic sports car in T1, and T2, and T3, etc. After a while you develop the muscle memory to recover from bad situations and a library of experience that helps you recognize and avoid incidents before they happen. Sure, you can gain this knowledge on track, but there’s less risk in simulation. Imagine wrecking an expensive car simply because you didn’t know how to handle an ordinary 2-off situation. If your imagination is lacking, it would look something like this.

If I had a driving school, I’d make 20 hours of simulation training a prerequisite to driving on track and 40 hours a prerequisite to racing.

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