Earlier on YSAR, we saw the motorcycle term highside and its car equivalent.  Motorcycling also gives us the term tank-slapper. This is violent steering wobble that causes the handlebars to slap the sides of the fuel tank as the front wheel snaps from one side to the other. Cars don’t really have that behavior, but tank-slapper is such a great phrase that car enthusiasts have adapted it. The 4-wheel tank-slapper is an oversteer and recovery that oscillates several times. It’s also called fishtailing.

I absolutely love the excitement. The only thing better than balancing a car at the limit is the occasional trespass and safe return from well beyond. It wouldn’t be YSAR without a mishap so…

In the future, cars will steer themselves. Until such time, it’s probably a good idea to hold onto the wheel and correct the oversteer yourself.

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