Wreckless driving

A late post this week because I just returned from (historic) Willow Springs where we were racing with the Lucky Dog Racing League. This is a new budget racing series on the West coast in the USA. At $250 per driver, it’s a steal.

The car didn’t make it back unscathed. A high speed spin sent the car into the (historic) high berms. This killed various parts of the suspension and we ended up with a DNF. Unfortunately, we don’t have video. The old saying “to finish first, first you have to finish…” comes to mind.

Our driver was driving a bit too aggressively for an endurance race. I wouldn’t say reckless driving, but it was unfortunately not wreckless driving (apologies for the double negative, especially to foreign readers, but I refuse to let this pun go). When I think of reckless endurance driving, I definitely think of this clip.

2 thoughts on “Wreckless driving

  1. I would like to see those front tires from all that understeer, on top of cranking the wheel even more.


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