Trail-braking is the act of gradually removing your foot from the brake pedal as you turn into a corner. Fail-braking is the act of stepping on the brake pedal as you turn into a corner. When you brake, weight shifts forward and traction shifts forward. If you’re in a corner, and your front tires have more grip than your rear tires, you get oversteer. When going downhill, your front tires have more weight than the rears even if you don’t brake. So what do you think happens if you brake in a downhill corner?

Ouch! I can’t imagine having the presence of mind to grab my helmet while anticipating a crash. That’s some seriously fast thinking.

3 thoughts on “Fail-braking

  1. Better to grab your belts than your head. Hand between the helmet and a safety cage bar is gonna hurt. If you cross your arms and latch on to your shoulder belts at your chest your arms won’t go flying around on impact/roll over.


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