The four horsemen

Just like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the four horsemen of the carpocalypse are: war, pestilence, famine, and death. What is a carpocalypse you ask? Just the end of your (racing) world, that’s all.


Probably the worst part of racing is the personality conflicts that occur off track. These are generally with people you care about (family and teammates) and the topic is generally time and money. Racing can be an expensive and selfish hobby. Be up-front and honest that “racing is important for me” and then do your part by making personal sacrifices to calm the seas. Try to remember that whatever the current thorny issue, it’s not about being fair or right, it’s about the racing.


Bad shit happens to good people on a race track. It’s a high risk environment and you never know what will happen. Your engine could explode, the car in front of you could oil the track, you could be hit by lightning (which counts as your fault if you were driving). Weird stuff can happen, and when it happens at high speed, it’s all the more dangerous.


There’s a famous quote that “racing costs the same now as it always has, every penny”. As you spend down the last of your cash, make your priorities safety before reliability before speed.


It’s rare, but you can die doing what you love.

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