Ship of fools

Years of experience with ordinary idiots has turned many of us into defensive drivers on the street. We expect people to forget their turn signals, run red lights, make sudden stops, etc. The track has its share of negligent drivers too, and it’s important to recognize those drivers that are overly aggressive, slow, or just plain incompetent. Even if you’re driving defensively, sometimes trouble comes looking for you.

I soiled my pants just watching that! That could have ended with someone in the hospital. Honestly, how hard it is to open the wheel when going 2 off? Well, clearly too hard for some. Driving within your limit and expecting people to drive outside their limit will put you in the proper mindset to maximize your safety.

2 thoughts on “Ship of fools

  1. The camera car in this video is probably just as bad as the car the spun. He makes lots of dive bombs, low % moves to get around people and makes contact or goes off multiple times starting at 2 min until near miss wreck.
    I’m guessing this guy thought he was going to win the whole race in just his session on track the way he was driving. endurance racing is not about that 1 pass, 1 lap or 1 stint in the car even and this guy doesn’t get it at all.


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