The politics of wrecking

When you drive in a budget amateur racing series like ChumpCar, LeMons, WRL, etc., you are surrounded by cars and people that radiate bad judgement. Although the cars have to pass a rigorous safety inspection, the drivers do not, and few have actual racing licenses. When the car in front of you starts to spin, do you really expect them to make a graceful recovery?

Ouch. That accident was 100% avoidable. Slow down and make sure the incident is definitely over before proceeding. Sure, you may lose a few seconds, but the alternative could mean going home early. Are we blaming the victim here? Yes. When you’re in an avoidable car wreck, it’s not about who started it, it’s about the wreck. Racecars, even cheap ones, are too expensive not to protect. Oh, and then there’s your life too. Pitch that donut and get a proper neck brace. You don’t want your head separating from your neck in a sudden stop.

If you didn’t see this one coming from a long way off, try some simulation racing (see the How To page linked above). It’s an endless source of suspect driving that will train the mind without breaking the bank.

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