crapcan not coffin

Auto racing is a dangerous sport. While crapcan race cars rarely exceed 100 mph, that’s fast enough to put you in the hospital or morgue. If you’re going to do this stupid activity, you should make sure you have reliable safety equipment and that your car is safe to drive a high speeds. Would you get in this car with the hood flapping all over the place? That would scare the crapcan out of me. With that kind of distraction, it’s no wonder he lost track of the braking zone.

I feel sorry for this guy, his car, his team mates, and his family. It sounds like he was badly injured. Not fun. The marshals should have been meatball flagged him for the hood. But it’s also his responsibility to pit so that he doesn’t endanger himself or others. The real tragedy is that this was 100% avoidable.

2 thoughts on “crapcan not coffin

  1. I was badly hurt. Compression Fracture of a Vertebrae and a Pulmonary Contusion (Bruised Lung). Never ever have I been winded like that before.

    The video makes it look far worse then it was. Drivers eyes were above the hood and had no visibility problems of the track. With that said we need a solution for the hood and it will be implemented before our replacement car goes to the next track. Why I missed the braking zone so bad is a little bit of a mystery. Had zero reason to miss it.

    It destroyed the car, ruined most of the season for my team mates and put a little strain on the family.

    But I am 100% healthy again and ready to go racing again.

    PS. To the Author, I can send the X-Ray of the broken bone and Bruised lung if you wish.


    1. That sounds very painful. I’m glad you’re okay and also that you’re going back to racing. Since this blog is about scaring people into safety, yes, please feel free to send x-rays.


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