the spin cycle

One of the most common crashes in crapcan road racing is a chain reaction from oversteer to spin to twisted metal. There’s a saying “when in a spin, two feet in”. It’s a nice rhyme that helps you recall what you were supposed to have done after you crashed your car and took out other people in the process. Locking all 4 wheels makes your car travel in a predictable path. The “two feet in” is one foot on the brake, one foot on the clutch. Lots of older cars have a third pedal that operates the clutch. If you’re in an automatic, I guess you should stomp on the brake with both feet. The pedal is wide enough.

If you think all the fault lies with the driver of the blue MR2 (like the driver in the video), you’re wrong. You’ve gotta know that the idiot spinning in front of you is going to try to recover from the spin and ricochet across the track a few times. Here’s another rhyme you can use after a failed attempt at dodging the spinning car front of you: “don’t be a hero, slow down to zero”.

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